Ben Molinaro is a french producer and composer, based in Paris.

New Ep in the works for 2020!

-« Comfort Me » (2020), Pab the Kid, Produced by Ben Molinaro.

-“Strange Games” (2019) second single from James The Prophet, Produced by Ben Molinaro.

-“Sun” (2019) The Colors’s first Ep, produced by Ben Molinaro.

-“Silvère” (2019) Sly Johnson’s new album, executive produced by Ben Molinaro and Jordan Kouby, composed by Ben Molinaro and Sly Johnson.

-“Milf” (2018), original soundtrack for Axelle Laffont’s first movie.

-“Pilote” (2017), first solo Ep.

Ben started off as bass player and arranger for artists like Spleen, Hugh Coltman, Cocorosie, Seb Martel, Melissa Laveaux, Krystle Warren, Ibrahim Maalouf, Sly Johnson, Elephant, and more, between 2004 and 2016.